TechSource Inc has collaborated with the leading organizations in these industries to help them move to a higher level of performance.

In each section you can read about our expertise in your industry.

Media Industry
Techsource partners with leading Media technology companies in providing them solutions based on web 2.0 technologies. Our client includes Fox Interactive Media and MySpace. Web 2.0 services and software emphasize on user generated content and collaboration. They derive value through multi-user interaction rather than one-way "package and distribute" publishing. We have manpower with extensive experience in design, development and deployment of Social Networking sites and Blogs using web 2.0.

Health Plans - Health plans are under enormous pressure to improve performance. Survival depends on reducing costs while improving results for shareholders and consumers. We team with clients to actively embrace market changes, explore new possibilities, evaluate risks and proactively approach the future and achieve higher standards of performance. Our professionals partner with clients to help introduce innovations that enable high performance. TechSource offers clients dynamic solutions and consulting services that drive clinical, business and technology processes, supply chains and even revenue cycles, onto the performance highroad.

Government Solutions
TechSource has extensive experience with providing help in government sector with their IT initiatives. Our client includes DHHS and SRCSD.

Financial Services
TechSource collaborates with banks, insurance providers and capital markets organizations to recognize and seize opportunities despite changing market conditions.